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innovation image

What is innovation?

Innovation shouldn't be something that is done for its own sake, done properly it includes:

  • New ways of doing something – but on its own this isn't enough,
  • Innovation also means Ideas applied successfully, and
  • Positive change leading to increased value

Genuine innovation results in lasting improvements.
Achieving innovation is actually a process, starting with:

  • Business leaders understanding what is possible, 
  • Leading to a menu of potential changes which are then costed
  • Against which the business benefits of each change can be assessed
  • Saying how achievement of benefits will be measured
  • Ending with a prioritised list of changes with the cost, benefit and measurement understood by all
  • Then whenever plans are altered the cost/ benefit and measurement assumptions are re-examined.

It usually helps if someone external helps you through the process, which is what I do.