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Over my career I found that turning ideas into real projects led me from strategy and innovation into giving advice on procurement. I've written a booklet called “Selling to government”- please click here to download a copy or use the menu to the left (or at the bottom if using a mobile) to navigate around it.

The following top 10 tips give a flavour of what to expect:

  1. Understand the rules of the game (chapter 3)
  2. Get to know potential buyers (chapter 4 and 6) - good opportunities tend to be with organisations and people you know.
  3. Build a network of buyers, peers, and potential allies (chapter 6) - and understand what a buyer really wants
  4. Don’t wait for opportunities, create them (chapter 5) - shape the way the buyers think about & describe what they want.
  5. Have a consistent process for selecting opportunities (chapter 7)
  6. When the facts change re-evaluate (everywhere) - particularly the balance between the cost and value of winning
  7. Understand contractual options (chapters 12 and 13).
  8. Have a reuse library for building proposals (chapter 9)
  9. Create references from project completion reviews (chapter9)
  10. Build in downstream innovation (chapter 11)